Anguilla Residency By Investment

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About ARBI

Anguilla’s Residency by Investment is a program offered by the Government of Anguilla which allows non-belongers of Anguilla the opportunity to acquire Permanent Residency in Anguilla by making a financial contribution to the island and proving to be of good health and good character.

It formalizes and clearly defines the requirements for the grant of PR status via investment in an effort to encourage further investment while promoting growth and encouraging economic diversification of Anguilla’s economy.

Why Residency in Anguilla

Permanent Residency in Anguilla is an attractive option for persons who already have ties here and wish to formally make Anguilla their second home, by conferring the right to reside in Anguilla year-round without being subject to immigration control.

Additionally, persons intending to migrate can benefit from the transition to a low-tax jurisdiction that boasts slower paced living, a clean environment, low air pollution, low crime rates and a relatively good quality of life set amidst a tropical climate, amazing food, people and beautiful beaches.

It is also equally appealing to those who continue to live abroad but desire an alternate country of residence for themselves and their family members for tax planning and other purposes.

Pathway to British Citizenship

Permanent Resident status in Anguilla is an attractive pathway to becoming a British Overseas Territories Citizen and eventually a British Citizen. However, the naturalization process to become a BOTC requires that the applicant has been lawfully residing in Anguilla for five years prior to the date of application and a similar time requirement applies to registration as a British Citizen.

Therefore, the grant of permanent resident status in Anguilla offers the immediate benefit of residence in Anguilla, as well as the opportunity to apply for BOTC and British citizenship provided that residents meet the time requirement.

Retroactive Applicants

Retroactive Applicants are any non-belongers who are legally owners/title holders of property in Anguilla before September 30, 2018

Retroactive Application Period Open for minimum of 6 months: November 1, 2018 to April 30, 2019

Open to retroactive applicants who would be immediately eligible for PR status due to significant investments already made into real estate on Anguilla.


Retroactive applicants benefit from:

Shorter Application Form: Excludes sources of wealth information since investment has already been made.

Less Supporting Documentation: Documentation would have been filed previously with various departments

Lighter Due Diligence Process: Due Diligence Process would have been done previously during Alien Land Holders’ Application Process

Lower Costs: In effect during the 6 months retroactive fast track period ONLY

Fee Structure

Fee Category Real Estate Investor
Processing Fee (Family of up to 4 Members) US$2,000*
Processing Fee (Additional Family Members) US$250
Due Diligence Fee (Adult) US$500
Due Diligence Fee (Child under 18) US$0
Permit Fee (Family of up to 4 Members) US$10,000*
Permit Fee (Additional Family Member) US$1000
Permit Fee (Single Applicant) US$5,000

Retroactive Application Process

Click on each tab in order of appearance for information about what you need to apply.

Steps to Apply

1.Contract Services of Authorized Local Agent
2.Complete Application Form
3.Notarize Supporting Documents
4.Pay Application Processing & Due Diligence Fees
5.Submit Application to Residency Office
6.Pass Due Diligence Checks
7. Receive Official Decision
8. Pay Permit Fee (if approved)
9.Collect Residency Card

List of Required Documentation

Notarized copies of the following forms and documents are required from each applicant, including dependents:

  • Evidence of residential address (certified copy of recent utility bill or government issued document showing proof of address)
  • Medical Certificate
  • Certified copy of passport (showing name, photo, nationality, date and place of issue, expiry date, passport number and issuing country)
  • Marriage certificate (if including spouse on application)
  • Police Certificate/Record of applicants over 16 years (from country where applicant has lived in the past 5 years)
  • Two (2) photographs taken within the past three(3) months
  • Proof of payment of processing and due diligence fees

The following documents are required only from the main applicant:

  • Proof of ownership of Real Estate Property
  • Real Estate Valuation Report
  • Use of Authorized Agent Form

Pathways to Residency- Proposed Full Programme

To be eligible for Anguilla Residency by Investment, a candidate must make a financial contribution to the Government’s Capital Development Fund (CDF) or purchase or construct Real Estate at or above a minimum value. In both cases, the applicant must legally commit to making the investment before applying for residency, but does not actually have to pay in full until after approval in principle is granted.

1. Capital Development Fund


2 . Real Estate Investment



The following list is an exclusive and exhaustive list of agents who are authorized to submit applications on behalf of clients at the ARBI Office. Prospective applicants are encouraged to contact their agent of choice.
Agents’ Name Name of Business Address Tel. No. Fax No. Email
Cara Connor Tacomi Chambers P.O. Box 1330 Unit #9 Cassius Webster Bldg Grace Complex Anguilla 264-498-7888 264-498-7890
Carlyle Rogers CARLYLE ROGERS P.O. Box 941 201 The Rogers Office Building Edwin Wallace Rey Drive George Hill, Anguilla 264-498-5858 264-497-5504
Carmen Reymond Athos Family & Business Services (Anguilla) Ltd. P.O. Box 1338 MAICO Building
Cosely Drive
The Valley, Anguilla
264-497-0361 264-497-8617
Cora Richardson- Hodge Iustitia Law Chambers Haskins Building Suite 100 The Valley, Anguilla 264-497-8899
Eustella Fontaine Fontaine and Associates P.O. Box 1771 Hansa Bank Building
Landsome Road
J Alex Richardson Alex Richardson and Associates P.O. Box 371 Barbrow Building The Valley Anguilla 264-498-4224 264-498-4220
JM Dyer & Co Jean Marshelle Dyer 13 Fairplay Commercial Complex The Valley, Anguilla 264-497-8111 264-498-8111
John Dyrud Dyrud Law LP MAICO Building Cosely Drive The Valley, Anguilla 264-729-8800
Palmavon Webster Webster LP P.O.Box 58 Victoria House
The Valley
AI-2640 Anguilla
264-497-2060 264-497-3096
Merline  Barrett SAGIS LP P.O.Box 14 Sagis House The Valley, Anguilla 264-497-2447 264-498-2447
Sherrilyn Hodge/ Kirsten Herbert Executive Corporate Services Inc P.O.BOX I4052 The Mason Complex Suites 19 & 20 The Valley, Anguilla 264-497-7416
Stanley Reid SER Legal & Consultancy Services P.O. Box 1284 Corner Suite, 1st Floor d’image Complex, Rock Farm, Anguilla 264-498-5127 264-498-5297
Tara Carter T.I.R Agency Ltd. P.O. Box 478 Unit #20, Fairplay Commercial Complex The Valley, Anguilla 264-498-4400 264-498-4401
Thomas Astaphan QC Astaphan’s Chambers P.O. Box 350 George Brooks House,Rockfarm, The Valley, Anguilla 264-497-5554/ 5/6 264-497-5310